Frequently asked questions

General questions

I’d like to enroll in one of Whole Systems Design courses, how does it work?

If you’d like more information on courses offered by Whole Systems Design, please visit their website.

Is there a difference in contents between the DVDs and the streaming version?

Nope, the content is the same.

Is watching these videos a substitute for taking a PDC/online PDC?

No. The Permaculture Skills video series is not a substitute to a Certified Permaculture Design Course. These 72-courses are usually given over a period of two weeks and are much more complete than what we could include in 6 hours (approx.) of video. This said, we did our best to condense as much of the information contained in Whole Systems Design’s PDCs, and we believe a lot of the lessons taught during the courses will be transmitted through the videos.

The Permaculture Skills series neither is a replacement for online PDCs offered elsewhere.

The 4-DVD set

When will I receive my 4-DVD set?

We expect start shipping the DVD-sets around the last week of June 2015.

Will the DVD version be available (and therefore viewable) in all international ‘DVD Region’ formats?

You bet. Our DVDs will be region-free and work everywhere in the world.

The online streaming version

How can I turn on the subtitles?

subtitlesTo activate subtitles, just click on the “CC” icon in the bottom right corner of the video, and then select the desired language (English or French).

Is it possible to download and watch videos without being connected to the internet?
No. Because we want to preserve image quality, the videos represent a huge amount of data and we’ve decided to go with online streaming instead of downloads. If you want to watch the video series without access to the internet, we recommend the DVD set.
Where will I be able to watch the streaming videos?

The streaming version of the video series will be available directly through this website. We’ll send you access information (username and password) via email as soon as we release the videos.

Will the streaming option be viewable forever?

Yes. Unless the collapse of the industrial civilization messes up our web hosting.

Will the streaming option be viewable on all hardware/software platforms?

It should work on most modern devices, but we can’t guarantee full compatibility with 1980s Commodore 64 computers or web-enabled refrigerators.

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